89+ Romantic & Cute Percy Jackson Pick Up Lines

Percy Jackson Pick Up Lines can be a fun way to add a bit of humor to your dating life. They’re also a great way to show your love for the Percy Jackson series! If you’re looking for some unique pick up lines that will make your partner smile, look no further. In this post, we’ll provide you with some of the best Percy Jackson Pick Up Lines to make your dating life a little more fun!


Percy Jackson Pick Up Lines

Percy Jackson Pick Up Lines

Percy Jackson is a delicious treat for the eyes and a heart-melting read for the soul, so it’s no wonder pickup lines targeting him are popular. If you’re looking to wow someone with your wit and charming ways, try out one of these lines!

  1. I love you so much that Aphrodite and her beauty cannot persuade me to stop loving you.
  2. Don’t compare the music I make for you with that of Apollo. I do it better.
  3. Your beauty cannot be compared to the goddess of Olympus. I guess you are born by Hera and Aphrodite.
  4. I scrapped my knee the moment I fell for you. Give me any nectar or Ambrosia.
  5. Hey baby! You share something unique with me. I guess you are closely related to Hermes.
  6. All the training paid off because it went Camp-Half blood.
  7. Your beauty has blindfolded me. You must be among the beautiful daughters of Aphrodite.
  8. I guess you are the last Olympian because you are the best thing that has happened to me.
  9. You look like a snack bar because I can eat you raw tonight.
  10. I love being with you at all times. I am beginning to see you just like I’m in the labyrinth.
  11. Every time I see you, I see a sparkling moment because you are Zeus.
  12. I am not from carbine 9 but I have all it takes to fix your broken heart.
  13. Your pussy looks like Apollo’s Maserati. I really wanna ride it.
  14. Baby! You are golden. I guess you are the greatest sex lord.
  15. Hey baby! You are hotter than Apollo at dawn. Come and spend some moments with me.
  16. I have my eyes on you because I am a Cyclops.
  17. Hey baby! I am the greatest oracle because your future is right here with me.

Cute Percy Jackson Pick Up Lines

Cute Percy Jackson Pick Up Lines
  1. Hey baby! I think you are Lady Hecate because I feel at home any time I see you.
  2. Hey baby! My love for you is so great. I see you staring at my outfit.
  3. My love for you is as deep as the Pits of Tartarus. Follow me and I will show it to you expressly.
  4. Hey Jane! Even if I lost my memory, I will never forget the raw exciting moment we shared together.
  5. I guess you are one of the stroll brothers, Ryan! You just made my day greater.
  6. Hey Wendy! You are performed excellently in capturing my heart. I guess you are good at playing the capture the flag game.
  7. The music was so inspiring. I guess you are related to the daughter of Apollo.
  8. Hey James! You just raided my jealous heart. I guess you are among the stroll brothers.
  9. I guess you are the daughter of Poseidon because I am lost in your beauty.
  10. You are too hot to handle, too cold to hold. A minute without you is like an eternity.
  11. Hey baby! I am addicted to your love. Hence, I don’t need a Lotus Flower.
  12. I guess your parents are Greek gods because only two gods can produce a goddess like you.
  13. Hey baby! I love you more than Percy loves blue.
  14. I predicted the whole scenario correctly. I guess I acted like an oracle.
  15. Hey guy! You just stole my heart because you are a child of Hermes.
  16. Hey Maria! I am looking forward to seeing and forming new pick-up lines with you.
  17. I will burn you up when you are with me because you look like Lady Hecate.
  18. If I am privileged to give the name of the person I love most, I will submit your name.
  19. Hey baby! You are priceless. I don’t need a beautiful sand collar.
  20. I am not capable to rock your world but I will definitely rock your underworld effectively.
  21. It’s difficult to say goodbye because when you left I felt cold. Are you Persephone?
  22. This feeling is electric. I guess you are the child of Zeus.

Dirty Percy Jackson Pick Up Lines

  1. It’s becoming too hard to stay without you. I hope we are not related.
  2. Hey Jane! Can I know how to love you? This is my humble request from you.
  3. You are so caring to me. I guess you are Bianca Di Angelo.
  4. I will become your cherished guinea pig when am with you because you are Circe.
  5. It’s like I will start calling you seaweed brain because am feeling you have some portion of saltwater in your head.
  6. Hey baby! You have got bright glowing eyes. I am going to make it up to you because you will hear sounds like medusa.
  7. Hey baby! Your lips taste so sweet that they cannot be compared to the taste of nectar.
  8. I am going to crush on you tonight because you are not a pearl.
  9. Hey baby! You are really aiming for my heart. I guess you know where my heart belongs.
  10. Hey guy! I guess you are the child of Zeus because you blew me away the moment I saw you.
  11. Hey Ran! I feel a healing touch when you held my hand. You must be related to Poseidon.
  12. Will you be my Percy, while I am your Annabeth.
  13. Hey Ryan! I guess you are the child of Apollo because you just made good music that uplifted my soul.
  14. I don’t the services of Poseidon to rock my world because you just performed better.
  15. Hey baby! We have all the time to ourselves. I guess we are at the Lotus hotel.
  16. When I stared at the stars, it is you I see, Jane.
  17. Hey baby! I just forgot my purpose when I met you. You must be a Lotus Flower.
  18. My passion for you is making my heart burn out. I guess you are related to Hephaestus.
  19. You just broke my heart when you sang that song. I guess you share the same blood with Apollos.
  20. Hey Jack! You kept touching me when I needed it. I guess you are the son of Poseidon.
  21. Take this moment to kiss me because I am about fighting telekinesis.
  22. I guess you are the son of Hephaestus because you caught me worked up.
  23. I prefer everything in a dark environment. I want the LIGHTS TO BE TURNED OFF.
  24. I can fight kronnos for your love. Just count on me.
  25. My love for you is hot and spreading through my heart like wildfire. It can be compared to the high voltage used for Zeus lightning.
  26. I am lost in your eyes because your eyes are glowing like a Caspian sea.
  27. Hey guy! You are happy because you just spotted the beautiful daughter of Aphrodite.
  28. I really enjoyed the whole night with you. I don’t need an enchanted pearl.
  29. Hey Jane! My love for you is more than the 500th floor of the great Empire State Building Olympus.
  30. Hey Jackson! I guess you are the son of Apollo because the way you light up my world is incomparable.

Romantic Percy Jackson Pick Up Lines

  1. Don’t compare me with Hephaestus because I love seeing people like you.
  2. I love you the same way Tyson loves his peanut butter.
  3. Hey Jones! Are you medusa? Because you really make me hard.
  4. Your vibes are comparable to Apollo. You make me feel hot.
  5. Do you wanna go to heaven and come back? Let me into your heart and perform the magic.
  6. Do you wanna become a backbiter? I will make you the one – without my sword.
  7. If I can make it as the last olympian, will you be happy to go out with me?
  8. I don’t mind you playing with my reed pipes because you are a Satyr.
  9. Do you need a Blackjack because I wanna ride you?
  10. You look so gorgeous. You must be the son of Poseidon.
  11. Hey baby! You rocked my world all night. Guess you are the daughter of Percy.
  12. Hey Wendy! Do you really wish to see me tonight? I will be happy to rock it with you.
  13. Visiting the cafeteria is exciting because with you every day is enchilada.
  14. You almost blow me away. You must be the daughter of Aeolus.
  15. Hey guy! You must be Mr. Ran because I am totally drunk of your love.
  16. Hey Lisa! You are too pretty to be mortal. Are you a nymph?
  17. What do you call something that uses its teeth to hold back a black monster? My zipper.
  18. Do you want to make war with my mind or yours?
  19. I love you so much that I don’t need Hermes to show how much I do.
  20. Everything about you is so cute and interesting. I guess you are Nico Di Angelo.

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