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Personalized Backgrounds Available in Google Meet

Personalized Backgrounds Available in Google Meet

Google Meet now gives users the chance to use personalized wallpapers for video searches. This feature is not available in the mobile version for now.

One of the most popular video conferencing applications that grew in use during the pandemic period was Google Meet. The company shared a new feature for this platform in its blog post.

With the new feature accessible through the Google Chrome web browser, Google Meet users on Windows and Mac devices can use personalized wallpapers during calls. According to the company’s statement, this feature will come later on mobile devices.

Wallpaper personalized for Google Meet

To use the new feature, Google Chrome does not require an add-on or a separate application. For the background, the technology giant also offers various images to its users. Among these there are several alternatives, such as space photos, conceptual studies, office pictures. Of course, users can use their own photos as wallpaper if they wish.

The company’s statement stated that it could take about a week for all Google Meet users to have this feature. It will take a while for the feature to be available to mobile users.

With this, Google has taken an important step to close the gap with its competitors in this area. Microsoft Teams and Zoom, which are among the platform’s main competitors, currently allow the use of personalized images on the wallpapers. All three platforms are adding new features as the demand for more video conferencing in education and business grows. Recently, Meet has opened background blur.

Meetings of 100 people

Google had also integrated Meet and Gmail applications. The added new slider made it possible to hold meetings with people who have a Google account, without time limit, up to 100 people.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai stated at the investor meeting on Thursday that the Meet platform is used in 235 million daily meetings and is preferred for more than 7.5 billion video searches per day.



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