Peru bus crash: 29 killed after 'speeding' driver plunges vehicle into 656ft valley

The tragedy occurred on Tuesday near the city of Matucana along the Peruvian Central Highway, a corridor that connects the capital Lima with much of the central Andes

The tragedy occurred on Tuesday (


Dozens of people were killed in a horror crash in the Peruvian Andes after a bus driver who was allegedly traveling too fast fell into an abyss.

The tragedy occurred near the city of Matucana, along the central Peruvian highway, a corridor that connects the capital Lima with much of the central Andes.

At least 29 passengers died after the impact in the early morning hours of Tuesday and 24 were said to have been injured, the authorities said.

The bus carried a total of 63 passengers, a police officer told local Canal N.

One of the passengers, 24-year-old Clinton Bacilio, was traveling with his wife, Luz Tineo, who had to be hospitalized because of an injury.

Dozens were killed in the breakup



According to the Peruvian newspaper El Comercio Witnesses said the bus collided with a hill before losing control and crashing into a gorge more than 200 meters long.

Mr Bacilio, who survived the crash, told the publication that after an initial collision, the bus traveled several meters before it crashed.

He said, “I remember the bus crashed and kept going. My wife and I decided to hold the seat in case it should suddenly tip over.

“At that moment the bus bends down. We got off the seat, we walked around and the bus slipped.”

According to the supervisory authority for the overland transport of people, goods and goods, the last transmission of the GPS system on the bus reported that it was moving at “excessive speed,” the publication said.

The accident is the second in which a bus fell off a road in Peru within days after a bus carrying miners in another part of the Andes also fell off a cliff, killing 16 people on Friday.

The two incidents are unrelated, although bus crashes are not uncommon in Peru, especially in the Andes.

The mountain range crosses the whole country and its highways are often dangerous as they overlook high cliffs.


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