Peter Andre accidentally sends very rude message to Boris Johnson

Pop star Peter Andre accidentally sent Boris Johnson an impolite but also weird message after learning of his wedding.

At the weekend it was revealed that the British Prime Minister had married his partner Carrie Symonds in a secret ceremony at Westminster Cathedral.

And among those who sent their warmest regards to the couple was the ’90s singer Andre, who used an unfortunate choice of words and caused both laughter and giggles.

“Enjoy your wedding, BJ,” he wrote his post on Instagram, proving the importance of punctuation.

One of his fans quipped: “Most men’s dream wedding.”

After people pointed out his mistake, Andre later added, “Probs said that wrong @borisjohnsonuk”

Peter Andre accidentally sends very rude message to Boris Johnson 1

While some conveyed their best wishes to the prime minister and his new wife, their wedding was also criticized.

A priest sparked a discussion on social media after asking how Boris, who was divorced twice, was allowed to marry at Westminster Cathedral.

After the news of the wedding broke, Father Mark Drew expressed his frustration.

He wrote: “Can someone explain to me how ‘Boris’ Johnson left the Catholic Church in Eaton? [sic] and divorced twice, can be married at Westminster Cathedral while I have to tell in good faith practicing Catholics who want a second marriage in church that it is not possible? “

It has since been suggested that the father of six, Johnson, be allowed to marry at the venue because his previous marriages were not Catholic ceremonies and because he converted to Anglicanism while at Eton and was later confirmed in the Church of England.

That would mean that this would have been his first wedding in the eyes of the Roman Catholic Church.

The happy couple shared the first pictures of their secret ceremony a day later.

They all smiled big and met each other’s eyes as they lined up in the garden at 10 Downing Street.

Carrie wore a designer Christos Costarellos wedding gown for £ 2,870 that she reportedly rented for a tiny fraction of the price, and a floral headdress, while Boris wore a suit and tie.


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