Petition to 'bring Downing Street partygoers to justice' passes 24,000 signatures

A petition raised following the latest reports of a staff party on Downing Street last summer garnered more than 24,000 signatures less than a day after it launched.

The petition, entitled “Bring Downing Street Partygoers to Justice,” was drawn up by Elissa Harper on Monday evening (January 10th) when reports of a gathering at the Prime Minister’s official residence were held on January 20th.

She says: “Reports indicate that a party was held in the Downing Street garden at the height of the initial lockdown in May 2020. These reports are confirmed by an email from Martin Reynolds, Boris Johnson’s private secretary.

“More than 100 Downing Street employees were invited to the meeting and asked to ‘bring your own alcohol’.”

Mr Reynolds reportedly said they should “make the most of the fine weather” despite England has strict coronavirus restrictions that prohibit groups from socializing outdoors while sending the message.

The petitioner points out that Secretary Oliver Dowden, on the same day the gathering is said to have taken place, reminded the nation during the daily press conference that there should only be two people outdoors or they would be against the law violated.

Elissa continues, “Boris Johnson, our Prime Minister, refused to say if he attended the drinks party, but a source told The Independent that he ‘hung out’ with staff for at least an hour when they threw drinks back .

She explains the reason for Elissa’s anger: “In the course of 2020, hundreds of people were arrested and fined for violating lockdown restrictions.

“Thousands more fought in isolation. People died alone and in nursing homes without being able to say goodbye to their families.”

On Tuesday at 7.30 p.m., more than 24,000 people signed the petition to “bring the partygoers to justice”.

The news has also sparked anger among MPs and other prominent Conservative figures while former Chief of Staff Nr.

The police are in contact with the cabinet office about the allegations, which came to a head on Monday night.

The allegations are being investigated by senior officer Sue Gray as part of her investigation into allegations of the ban on parties in Whitehall and Downing Street.


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