Photorealistic Humans: That’s How Amazing Unity’s New Real-Time Short Is

Photorealistic Humans: Enemies is a cinematic video rendered in real time that demonstrates the potential of the graphics engine. A room that mixes elements of classical architecture with ornaments and mechanical gadgets. The camera gets closer until it reaches a table where a woman moves the chess pieces on the board. This is how the video of the technical demo of Unity begins, a graphic engine that demonstrates its graphic muscle with Enemies, a short film rendered in real time. What stands out the most is the photorealism of the main character. You can enjoy the video at the top of this news.

The modeling of the woman stands out for her impressive detail: from the movement of the hair to the textures of the skin, the vividness of the eyes and the hyper-realistic animations. The camera moves little by little until it outlines a close-up that deceives the eye. And although there is still room for improvement, this aspect is getting closer to reality.

An easier character design process

In both 2019 and 2020, Unity introduced other tech demos to show what studios can do if they squeeze the technology into the right hardware. In an interview with The Verge, Unity VP of Graphics Natalya Tatarchuk explained that they were trying to not only make it easier to create characters, but also make it more accessible through their own tools.

Unity is one of the most used graphics engines by external developers, a technology that directly competes with Unreal Engine. The Epic Games tool has been thoroughly prepared for the new generation at the hands of UE 5, which continues to outline its improvements for the immediate future. As happened with Unreal Engine 4, there are already many companies that are going to use it. Of the announced games, titles such as Senuas Saga: Hellbade 2 have already been shown, while the creators of Gears 5 (The Coalition) have collaborated closely with Epic Games and will work with UE 5 on their next video games.

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