Piers Morgan insists he's not racist for not believing Meghan

Piers Morgan launched a passionate attack on the culture of abandonment and a defense of free speech when he reported on leaving Good Morning Britain for not believing the Duchess of Sussex.

As the end of a five-page article in The Mail on Sunday saying his doubts about Meghan had been condemned as a “racist hate crime”, the controversial media figure said it was time to “cancel the abandonment culture before it” is killing our culture “.

While Morgan also rounded up the Duke of Sussex for his part in a “shameful betrayal” of the Queen, he said the violent consequences of his voiced disbelief in Meghan were “outrageous” in her interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Morgan stressed that there are differences between “someone’s truth” and “actual truth” and said he couldn’t be called racist just because he didn’t believe parts of Meghan’s interview.

He also noted that her credibility had later been undermined by news that she and Harry had not been privately married three days before their official wedding, according to the U.S. chat show host.

Morgan also insisted that he did not certify Meghan had had suicidal thoughts in the royal family, but doubted her claim that she was instructed by court officials not to seek help.

He said it was outrageous that Sharon Osbourne had now left the US show The Talk when she was evicted “for the crime of defending me” against her colleague who said Morgan was racist “simply because I was Meghan Markle doesn’t believe “. But he said what had happened to him and Osbourne in the past two weeks, “it’s not really about Mrs. Markle”.

“She (Meghan) is just one of many tearful, privileged, hypocritical celebrities who are now cynically exploiting the victim to stifle free speech, put their own version of the truth over the real truth, and upset anyone who woke up from their worldview deviates or who dares to question the accuracy of their inflammatory statements, ”wrote Morgan.

“No, it is about a much bigger subject than a delusional duchess, and that is the right of everyone to be free to express our honest opinions with emphasis and passion, if we feel like it.”

Morgan said he was “not a victim and I was not canceled,” and the last two weeks have indeed been one of the most exciting and affirming periods of his life, but added, “If our right to freedom of expression is denied then democracy, as we know them, die ”.

The 55-year-old said the community reaction to him and his family – he said his three sons were trolled on social media – has been staggering. People demanded to be fired, saying he was racist and mocked mental illness doubting the Duchess’s claims.

He said that while he never said anything racist and only cheered the presence of a bi-racial woman in the royal family, he concluded that “challenging Meghan’s forked ‘truth’ is now a racist hate crime” .

Morgan said the former actress “endured no worse media treatment” than other royal brides “like Diana, Fergie, Kate, Camilla” and even Wallis Simpson, but she was quick to claim the negative press was motivated by racism, which he “called” . a very dangerous charge with so little to back it up ”.

Former Daily Mirror editor relived his dramatic storm off the GMB set after being challenged by Alex Beresford’s “censored talk” on the air.

He said the weather presenter insisted that Meghan’s debunked claim that her son Archie was banned from the prince’s title because of his skin color was still her “lived experience” and should therefore be respected.

Morgan wrote that this was “ridiculous” as someone could not have a “lived experience” of racism if “the fact you are relying on is wrong”.

“Unfortunately we have now arrived in society: The truth can be whatever someone decides, so Meghan Markle has to be believed because it is” her truth “. And if you don’t believe her, you are a racist”, he said.

Morgan said after being told by ITV to apologize or “leave GMB” he was thinking back on a waiver by his former manager, the late John Ferriter, to “trust your gut.”

He decided that he “wouldn’t apologize for not believing Meghan Markle” because the truth was, “I don’t believe Meghan Markle,” that in a free society he should and should not believe someone and say this, and should have he effectively said he now believed the Duchess he was lying to his audience – “exactly what I accused her of”.

Morgan said he woke up the next morning with over 1,000 emails and texts of numbers from around the world.

Most of the news was supportive, including that of Bear Grylls, Secretary of Transportation Grant Shapps, and even the old enemy Jeremy Clarkson.

Former Conservative Minister Michael Portillo had said, “I didn’t know it was a dismissed offense not to believe Meghan. Interesting. Probably not to believe it wouldn’t be Boris?”

One of Morgan’s favorite replies was an email to his local pub from a woman who insisted she buy his first drinks after the lockdown. “As a thank you for the way he has held the government accountable since the beginning of the pandemic and for his support to NHS staff.”


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