Piers’s Meghan comments most complained about ever

Piers Morgan’s comments on the Duchess of Sussex’s interview with Oprah Winfrey have resulted in the highest number of complaints in television regulator history.

The aftermath of ITV’s Good Morning Britain on March 8th and 9th generated 57,121 complaints at Ofcom.

ITV announced that Morgan left the show on the evening of March 9, shortly after Ofcom announced it had opened a damage and crime rule investigation after receiving more than 41,000 complaints in two days.

It was later revealed that Meghan also filed a formal complaint with Ofcom about the TV host after rejecting her report of suicidal ideation and racism by the royal family.

Morgan said on the air that he “didn’t believe a word” of her interview with chat show host Winfrey when she exposed her struggles.

She raised concerns with the broadcaster about the impact Morgan’s comments might have on the mental health issue in general and those trying to solve their own problems – rather than the ex-newspaper editor’s personal attack on herself.

After a clip aired by Meghan discussing her mental health issues and suicidal thoughts, as well as the royal official’s knowledge of them, Morgan said during the program on Monday, “I’m sorry, I don’t believe a word she says.

“I wouldn’t believe her if she read me a weather report.”

Morgan added that she had launched an “attack” against the royal family.

His comments have been criticized by Mind, a mental health charity.

The organization previously said in a tweet that it was “disappointed and concerned” with Morgan’s comments, adding, “It is important that people who seek support or share their experiences of mental health problems with dignity, respect and empathy be treated. “

On Morgan’s final episode of the show, he stormed off the set after a violent exchange with co-star Alex Beresford in which Beresford accused Morgan of “ruining” Meghan.

Morgan has admitted to his controversial comments, saying that his departure from Good Morning Britain was due to “the culture of demolition that pervades our country”.

Complaints about Morgan’s comments go well beyond those about Celebrity Big Brother in 2018, when former Emmerdale actress Roxanne Pallett alleged she was attacked by her roommate Ryan Thomas, leading to 25,327 complaints.

Ofcom received around 24,500 complaints last year about diversity’s performance at Got Talent in the UK, which was inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement.

The 2007 controversy with Shilpa Shetty over Celebrity Big Brother was the most lamented of the previous, attracting 44,500 complaints.


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