Pilot accused of killing Brit wife 'should face premeditated murder', prosecutors say

Greek pilot Babis Anagnostopoulos reportedly told police that he killed Caroline Crouch in a fit of rage after eight hours of questioning after claiming she was killed in a break-in

Caroline Crouch with her daughter before she was killed (

Image: Caroline Crouch / Instagram)

Prosecutors have argued that a Greek pilot who allegedly killed his British wife while their baby was sleeping should be charged with willful murder.

Babis Anagnostopoulos is also reportedly charged with lying to the police after claiming for 37 days that the death of his wife, Caroline Crouch, was the result of a botched burglary.

Prosecutor Giorgos Noulis said the UK-trained pilot had a “premeditated plan” in killing the 20-year-old in her Athens home, a 24-year report released today claims.

He reportedly told police that he killed Caroline in a fit of anger after being questioned for eight hours.

Anagnostopoulos says he got into a blurry state after she threatened to divorce him, he allegedly alleged.

Prosecutors argue that the pilot should be charged with premeditated murder


Babis Anagnostopoulos / Instagram)

Noulis refutes his account and suggests that the pilot was instead in a “calm state of mind”.

“He had no qualms about going through with the act, even though she was the mother of his child,” he says in the report ekathimerini.

“The victim was only 20 years old while he was 13 years older and should have been her protector.”

The prosecutor also said Anagnostopoulos should face animal abuse charges after a puppy was found hanging on its own leash to make the scene seem like a break-in.

Anagnostopoulos first told the police that his wife had been killed by unknown robbers while breaking into a house.

Anagnostopoulos confessed to killing his British wife, Caroline Crouch, in June


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The prosecutor’s report also questions the timing of events, suggesting that Caroline’s smartwatch reveals she was in a state of physical distress for several minutes before her heart stopped beating.

This happened earlier than Anagnostopoulos originally reported, it is claimed.

Anagnostopoulos set the police on the hunt for three burglars after his wife died, but detectives say he was suspected early on and confessed last month.

Caroline was killed in her home in Athens


Babis Anagnostopoulos / Instagram)

Police said he admitted choking on Ms. Crouch and killing the family dog ​​and handcuffing himself before calling for help.

Anagnostopoulos removed a memory card from a CCTV camera in the living room of his home and cell phone data showed he was moving between floors as he claimed to be handcuffed.

He is expected to claim the killing was not premeditated and that his wife was “verbally and physically aggressive” towards him, which resulted in him being in a “blurred” state of mind.

A report from a coroner suggested that Caroline was attacked while she was sleeping and found that her heart rate had increased sharply before she died.

Thanassis Haramanis, the family’s lawyer, told the Guardian he expected the trial to take place “sometime between May and September” next year.


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