Pilot finds poignant note left on plane at the start of coronavirus pandemic

A Delta Airlines pilot penned a quick note when he parked his plane in a warehouse, imagining it would be read just weeks later – but it was finally seen a year later

Pilot Chris Dennis left the note and it was not found for 435 days (

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A pilot found a note in the cockpit of an aircraft prior to a “two-week lockdown” that completely captures the mood of March 2020.

The note was left by Captain Chris Dennis when he parked his Delta Airlines plane, number 3009, at the height of pandemic uncertainty at Victorville Airport in California and wrote a note he left on the plane.

In the note, the pilot says that there has to be a light at the end of the tunnel so that someone can bring the aircraft back from the warehouse – at the time, however, there was only talk of a two-week lockdown.

But the note went undetected for another 435 days when another Delta pilot tried to “wake up” the plane for service – and now the airline has shared the note on Facebook – adding that they don’t take open runways for granted time to see it soon.

The note was undiscovered for over a year, much longer than the author had imagined



The original note read, “Hey pilots – it’s March 23rd and we’ve just arrived from MSP (Minneapolis-St. Paul). It’s terrifying to see so much of our fleet here in the desert.

“If you’re here to pick it up, the light must be at the end of the tunnel. Amazing how quickly it has changed. Have a safe flight when you get it out of storage!”

A Delta Airlines spokesperson shared the note on Facebook: “435 days ago, when the COVID-19 pandemic forced thousands of flights and a world of uncertainty, First Officer Chris D. parked the Delta Ship 3009 at Victorville Airport in.” the California desert.

“When he picked up from MSP, he heard talks about a two-week lockdown. Feeling the weight of the moment, he wrote a note for the pilot who would be returning to the official flight and left him in the parked plane.

Fast forward, more than a year later, until First Officer Nick P. landed at VCV and started his checklist to wake up Ship 3009. One thing he wasn’t expecting was Chris’ letter on a tray table in the Flight deck.

“Those 57 words, which captured so much of the uncertainty and emotion we all felt in March 2020, underscored the seriousness of the journey and how optimistic it is now about which direction we are going. Ship 3009 is now ready to take it “Heaven again.

“Although the world has certainly changed in the last year, one thing is certain: We will not take this open runway for granted in the foreseeable future.”

The post has since gone viral with around 10,000 likes and numerous comments, with many people agreeing that March 2020 was an uncertain time.

Brett Pohlman said: “Certainly goosebumps. Seeing so many Delta planes in BHM’s warehouse was a constant reminder of the world in which we live.

“After flying with Delta last week and over the weekend, I am delighted that many of these planes have returned to service. The airports are full again. What a sight!

While Jordan Beck Wagner added, “This really sums up how we all felt and the uncertainty of March 2020. I caught a cold reading this note. Safe flying, First Officer Nick P. “

And Molly Stafford Hook wrote: “Great. Yeah, now I remember that maybe they said a ‘couple of weeks’ ban. After over 3 months, we started poking our heads carefully out the door here in Indiana!

“I hope I’ll be on one of your planes in the near future!”

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