Plan for longer school days to be unveiled today

Plan for longer school days to be unveiled today

Plans for longer school days are to be unveiled by the Government today in a bid to help children catch up lost lessons.

There will be earlier starts at schools, and later finishes to allow for extra lessons.

Minister s are expected to publish a plan on Thursday, which will include funding for “bolt-on” sessions at either end of the school day, reports The Mirror.

“The best place for children to learn is in a school environment, so it makes sense to try and do catch-up work at school rather than trying to do it through home learning,” a Whitehall source is reported to have said.

“There has rightly been a lot of focus on the impact on disadvantaged children but all children have missed out on their education so we need a catch-up programme that is open to everyone.”

But The Daily Mail says the school day won’t be formally extended through legislation.

Instead, schools will be asked to hold the catch-up sessions on site from next term.

Boris Johnson has this week promised a “massive catch-up operation” to try to minimise the impact of the lockdown on children’s education.

Teachers, though, won’t be expected to work during the summer under the plans, it’s said.

A study by University College London’s Institute of Education this week found that two million children have done less than an hour a day of schoolwork during lockdown.

Only 17 per cent have done more than fours a day. Some teaching unions have resisted efforts to get teachers to live-stream lessons, with the result that many schools have been unable to offer online classes.



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