Planet Organic to expand nationwide with home delivery service across UK

Planet Organic to expand nationwide with home delivery service across UK

Grocery brand Planet Organic is set to expand its online business across the UK after increasing demand during the coronavirus pandemic.

The London retailer currently serves the capital through its 11 stores and previously offered online shopping. Now he has invested in order to offer his entire range nationwide for the first time.

Peter Marsh, chief executive officer, told PA, “If you had asked me about our plans for e-commerce in January, I would have said this is an important area, but not necessarily a priority.

“It’s an area that has historically been difficult to make a profit in and our London locations have done well.

“But Covid created a number of circumstances in which we wanted to offer as much as possible outside of our stores. Now we think it’s a great opportunity to reach more regional customers.”

Mr Marsh said his business in the suburbs of London performed “solidly” during the pandemic with workers staying at home.

However, he added that the grocery and city center stores had some “disastrous” months due to the increase in housework and fewer tourists.

He only emphasized the need to strengthen the online offer.
Mr. Marsh said: “We have invested heavily in digital, digital marketing and fulfillment logistics, as well as in the packaging solutions and the recycling systems installed around them.

“Our customers outside London often ask for nationwide delivery of our range of fresh foods and beverages, from kombucha to organic fruits and vegetables.

“And now that we are making all items available for delivery, we are bringing our differentiated range across the UK.”



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