PlatinumGames' next project is being announced next week

PlatinumGames updated them website to reflect April 1 as the date for a big new announcement.

Now you can mistrust that specific date (April Fool’s Day), but it seems like an unusually cruel Platinum joke to crush their fans’ dreams that way. The addition of the “04.01” icon indicates that the fourth and final announcement of “Platinum 4” is indeed coming next week, and it sounds like a big one.

The other announcements were The Wonderful 101: Remastered, the announcement of Project GG, and the announcement of PlatinumGames’ Tokyo studio. Knowing what we’ve heard about the latest announcement – not to mention it’s the latest in a series of big announcements – we can take a wild ride.

Through Gematsu, PlatinumGames studio head Atsushi Inaba recently had some tantalizing words about the upcoming reveal. “The latter is a secret. We are doing something very platinum and interesting. Look forward to it, “said Inaba. Likewise, PlatinumGames senior vice president and game designer, Hideki Kamiya, pulled the announcement at PAX East 2020 and called it a” doozy. “

Could it be related to Project GG – Platina’s first fully self-released game – or something completely new? Whatever it is, we should know in a few days. And if it’s a terrible, terrible April Fool joke, we invite you to join us in a virtual community cry session.

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