Playful giant polar bear cub appears to fly alongside seagull pals

This giant polar bear cub mimicked her seagull friends by appearing to FLOAT through the air – while making a series of “paw-efect” Superman dives in tune with the birds.

Dave Goodhand visited Yorkshire Wildlife Park in Doncaster, South Yorkshire on Saturday [OCTOBER 23] when he came across a playful polar bear family throwing their ball around.

The 40-year-old quickly grabbed his camera when a female named Tala – incredibly only 22 months old – tossed the toy to some seagulls in the nearby lake, so he managed to jump them off the shore with his body outstretched to look at them begin ‘flight’.

Other gravity-defying snapshots show the “magical” bear hunched horizontally in the air, with his paws pulled to his chest in a bumblebee-like pose – leading Dave to believe it looked like she was flying with the seagulls .

Since then, however, the amateur photographer has revealed that the playful polar bear’s antics did not end quite as gracefully as they began when she quickly fell into the lake to end the “flight” with a “face plant” into the water.

Dave proudly praises the pictures as “perfect shots” and since they were posted on Facebook they have been liked more than 400 times, which has been praised by nature lovers for capturing such a “magical” moment.

Dave of Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire said, “She threw the ball in and then went in, but it looks like she’s flying with the birds.

“It made me laugh when I saw it again. It puts a smile on your face to see them float in the air when you look at their size.

“She looks really graceful in the photos, but I don’t think she got the landing right. It looked like a face plant. She needs to work on that.

“If you are that tall, you probably pile yourself up there under the water with a little weight, but it doesn’t look like that in the photos.

“I’m proud of it, but I’ve had a lot of attempts to get it. It was really a perfect shot. It got a great response and a lot of people enjoyed it.”

Official Dave, who has a ticket to Yorkshire Wildlife Park, visited Project Polar’s enclosures, which currently house eight polar bears – the largest polar bear center outside of Canada.

Tala was caught jumping off the bench

A few hours after his 1pm visit, the snapper posted his breathtaking sequence on Facebook, captioning it from the boy’s perspective, saying, “Hey Mr. Seagull! I can fly too. But I haven’t quite sorted the landing yet ‘.

One user commented, “Wow, these are absolutely amazing photos. Thank you for sharing this magical moment here.”

A second said, “Epic Shots!”

Another added: “Fabulous photo sequence!”


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