PM on the two tests England must pass to avoid another lockdown

According to Boris Johnson, England can avoid another lockdown – but there are “at least two very important caveats”.

The Prime Minister said he was “hopeful” about the government’s roadmap for outdoor gatherings and the resumption of sport across England.

But he said caution is the “way to get the results you want”.

When asked if there would be no further lockdown, he told a press conference on Downing Street: “Yes, if everyone obviously continues to follow instructions with sufficient caution and we continue to work together to keep the virus under control, eliminate them.” him.” the way we did.

“And yes, if the vaccine rollout continues and the vaccines continue to be as effective as it looks or looks like.”

The Prime Minister said he was “hopeful” about progress, adding, “I don’t see anything in the data right now that would cause us to deviate from the roadmap.

“We must remain humble in the face of nature and be ready to do whatever we can to protect the British public.”

He said he believed the public understood the need for “caution” when loosening lockdown restrictions as part of the roadmap.

He added, “I know how much the government has asked of the people over the past year, but I also know how great – incredible patience and steadfastness – the people have responded.

“I believe that the overwhelming majority of people are determined to keep doing this, and they understand the need to be careful.

“I think people overwhelmingly understand that with this roadmap, the better chance we have of making sure that it is indeed irreversible and that the better we stick to it, the more careful we are on the way we want. “


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