PM outlines what you can and can't do from March 29 in new plea

Boris Johnson has asked the public to abide by the remaining lockdown rules as England takes the next step on its roadmap outside of lockdown.

Starting March 29, the “rule of six” will resume, allowing up to six people or two households to meet outdoors in open spaces, parks or gardens, while observing social distancing guidelines.

Outdoor sports facilities such as tennis and basketball courts, golf courses and swimming pools may also be reopened, along with the “Stay At Home” message officially deleted and “Minimal Travel” recommended.

In a video posted on Twitter what can be seen above Prime Minister Boris Johnson says it is “important that we don’t overdo it” in order to reach the next stage of the roadmap on April 12, when beer gardens and non-essential retail stores can reopen.

The Prime Minister also reminded people that it is still illegal to vacation abroad until May at the earliest, claiming that one of the country’s biggest challenges is preventing Covid-19 and possible variants from spreading across parishes in England and to be reintroduced across the UK by air travel from countries with slower vaccine adoption.

In his informal address to the public, the Prime Minister said: “This is the next part of our roadmap to gently relax restrictions.

“When introducing the vaccines, it is important that we do not overdo it and risk any advances we have made. Please follow the new rules carefully so that we can gradually get back to normal.”

The UK’s coronavirus vaccination program is expected to stutter slightly in April 2021, prioritizing vaccine supply for those expected to receive their second sting.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock warned of “lumpy” vaccine supplies, which will mean the number of people who receive their first thrusts in April will drop dramatically, as it’s important that those who had their first thrusts in January and February , the NHS most at risk workers and caregivers are receiving their second vaccine.

However, the UK is expected to receive its first batch of Moderna vaccines in April, which could resume the vaccination process after the first stab and even start vaccinations for people in their forties.

Matt Hancock said the government is still on track to offer the first push to “all adults in the UK” by June, which coincides with the final steps on the government’s roadmap that could see the end of social distancing.


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