PM undecided over bringing back tier lockdown system for England

Boris Johnson said he hadn’t made a decision on a return to the Tier system after the lockdown and a national approach was an option.

The Prime Minister told reporters, “It may be that a national approach that goes down the steps at the national level is better this time as the disease behaves much more strongly at the national level.

“When you look at how the new variant has caught on across the country, it’s a pretty national phenomenon.

“In the diagrams I see, we all move in pretty much the same way. I mean, there are a few discrepancies, a few differences. So it may be that we opt for a national approach, but it may be an advantage that still exists in some regional differentiations. I am open to it. “

Mr Johnson said repairing damage caused to children’s education was the “greatest challenge” facing the government and he was “deep in admiration” at parents’ efforts to home school their children.

He told reporters in Batley, West Yorkshire, “I think this is the biggest challenge facing the government right now. It’s not just the introduction of vaccines, not just the NHS troubles that remain very serious, but also the lack of education.

“We want to repair damage or loss that affects children’s education as quickly as possible.”


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