PM wants a spring and summer of hope 'from which we won't go back'

The Prime Minister is hoping for a spring and summer of hope “which we will not return from”.

Boris Johnson said at the last press conference on Downing Street that the vaccination program was “lights ahead”.

As he put the roadmap outside the lockdown, Mr Johnson said it was time for the bumps to replace the restraints on freedom to protect against Covid-19.

“We cannot indefinitely hold on to restrictions that have separated families and loved ones for too long, threatened the livelihoods of millions, and kept students out of school,” he said.

“Thanks to the vaccinations, we have light before us that will lead us to a spring and a summer that I think will be seasons of hope, when we will all look and feel incomparably better.”

The Prime Minister also pledged that the government “will do everything it can to protect jobs and livelihoods” while restrictions remain in place.

Johnson said earlier today that the “data, not data” -based levels of lockdown relaxation would be in place.

The five weeks between steps include four for data to be collected and an additional seven days for changes to be made. the mirror online reports.

The instructions on how to work from home wherever possible are expected to be available by at least step four – in June at the earliest.

The “stay at home” order will remain in effect until March 29th. Then it is changed to the advice “stay on the spot”.

Sports events and live music will return no earlier than May 17th.

Non-essential stores, hairdressers and gyms could reopen in April if government tests are met.

In addition, pubs and restaurants can serve drinks outdoors from April and open again indoors from May.


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