PM's vow after reports Amazon destroys millions of items

The prime minister said he was “shocked and amazed” after Amazon reportedly destroys millions of items every year.

It comes after an ITV investigation claimed the online retail giant destroys millions of unsold inventory every year, products that are often new and unused.

The broadcaster says it has collected footage that “shows waste at an amazing level”.

ITV said that “smart TVs, laptops, drones, hairdryers, premium headphones, computer drives, books galore, thousands of sealed face masks” have all been sorted into boxes labeled “destroy”.

A employee said ITV : “Our goal was to generally destroy 130,000 items per week from Friday to Friday.

“There’s no rhyme or reason for what’s being destroyed: Dyson fans, hoovers, the occasional MacBook and iPad; recently there were still 20,000 Covid (face) masks in their packaging.

“50 percent of all articles are unopened and still shrink-wrapped. The other half are returns and are in good condition.

Julie Elliott (Sunderland Central) of Labor said in the House of Commons today, “While football clubs, charities, mothers and fathers in Sunderland and across the country looked for that old laptop in the closet to give a kid the data and device” during the Pandemic and Lockdown, the world’s largest company dumped brand new technology.

“Amazon does not pay its fair share of taxes, treats its employees badly and now denies our poorest children access to the internet.

“Will the Prime Minister join me today in unequivocal condemnation of this appalling practice by Amazon?”

The Prime Minister replied, “I was shocked and amazed to hear that computers were literally landfilled in the manner described by (Ms. Elliott) and I think the whole House would agree that the practice is bizarre and unacceptable.

“One thing we’re doing – I’m sure Amazon will want to fix this asap – but one thing we’re doing to get to their second point is to make sure that tech giants and other companies do their fair share pay for it. “Taxes on her sales within this country thanks to the agreement that the Chancellor made with the G7.”


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