Poland digs in on legal showdown with the European Union

WARSAW – The Polish government on Tuesday published the ruling by the country’s Constitutional Court, which found that the Polish Constitution takes precedence over some EU laws, which means the ruling will now take effect.

In previous controversial judgments, the government had delayed the publication of decisions for weeks or months – but this time it did not, despite the enormous concern the judgment aroused, which has raised fears in the European Commission, the European Parliament and many member countries. that it undermines the legal bases of the EU. The decision sparked large demonstrations in Poland on Sunday by people who feared that the ruling could ultimately push the country out of the EU.

It also worsens the already strained relations between Warsaw and Brussels.

on Tuesday, the EU Court of Justice spent a second day debating a new measure that would allow the EU to cut funds from the bloc’s budget for countries deemed illegal. Hungary and Poland argue that the measure up inappropriately links financial issues with the rule of law.

The EU court is due to give an opinion on the case on December 2nd.

Poland is also involved in a dispute with the Czech Republic over a coal mine on their border. The ECJ imposed a daily fine of 500,000 euros on Poland for ignoring the court’s order to suspend work in the Turów lignite mine pending a decision on the case.


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