Police blocked off car park to fine 26 people for Covid breach

Police blocked a parking lot to catch and punish 26 people who had gathered for a car meeting, in violation of Covid-19 regulations.

On Saturday evening, officials locked the parking lot at the Blacknest Industrial Estate in Alton, Hampshire after finding a large number of vehicles.

According to Hampshire Police, the drivers had brought their BMWs, Nissans and Toyotas from Shropshire, Kent, Surrey and Berkshire.

A press secretary said the people in the cars came from different households and many did not wear face covers.

Superintendent Phil Lamb said, “Some of the people the officers spoke to have taken personal responsibility, others have been extremely defensive.

“It is shocking that so many people have completely ignored the current lockdown and put themselves and their loved ones at risk from the virus.

“It is reckless actions like this that elevate and unnecessarily pressure the NHS.”

Hampshire police also attended a “whirlpool” party at a Gosport property on Sunday, at which one of the inmates claimed to be unaware of the pandemic.

The Gosport Police posted on Facebook: “REPORTED! Last night, people were reported for violating COVID-19 regulations after holding a hot tub party in the garden.

“One inmate claimed he was unaware of the global pandemic and was almost arrested after refusing to give his details to #WeAreInThisTogether.”


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