Police called for as 100 surfers descend on Cornish beach

Police were called after a large group of surfers reportedly landed on a beach.

Around 100 surfers were reported to have dismounted on a beach in Cornwall, leading to calls to the Devon and Cornwall police about possible Covid-19 violations.
Devon and Cornwall Police were alerted around 9 a.m. today (January 23) after cars reportedly arrived in the Perranuthnoe beach car park – not far from St. Michael’s Mount – and hordes of surfers raced to the water’s edge.
The Force Information Manager (FIM) said a number of calls had been received about possible violations of Covid regulations and units had been sent to investigate.
The FIM said, “We participated and there are more than 50 vehicles in Perranuthnoe Beach Parking Lot. It’s a small parking lot – there is an in and an out.

“Registration numbers have been issued and many vehicles are registered on site, so it is possible that they will be on site as part of their exercise.
“There are currently local officials on hand to provide advice to surfers when they get back to their cars.
“However, some cars appear to be out of the power range.
“The local council has also been informed and they are currently working with the police.
“The local police forces are currently on site, waiting for the occupants of the cars to return to their vehicles to offer either proactive advice or enforcement, depending on the circumstances.”
The FIM added that the surf was rated “high” between 12:30 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. and therefore officials would stay at the site until surfers returned.
“The first thing we got this morning was calls on the matter,” added FIM.
“Obviously, people realized that it should be ideal surfing conditions and they went to this beach.”
The news follows an angry complaint from a resident in Downderry, southeast Cornwall, who reported seeing 17 surfers on Friday morning.
The resident – who asked not to be identified – took a picture while out walking and said she was angry at the sight, adding, “I doubt the best case scenario we have 17 surfers in Downderry to watch her Seeing all groups together during a lockdown is irresponsible.

“I lived it for many years and you rarely see as many at once as it is.
“If we do that, all of the vans will come down the street, so we’re pretty confident that there are a lot of second homeowners that came here during the lockdown.
“During the first lockdown, many large vehicles arrived in the village, followed shortly afterwards by numerous supermarket deliveries from stores like Waitrose.
“A freezer was even delivered to one place – for the first week or two after the lockdown. At one point in the local store there was a sign that said ‘No Second Home Owners’ but it was quickly removed.
“Our postman even said they were particularly busy during the initial lockdown, delivering letters to properties that had no mail all winter – much of it was diverted from places like London.
“It’s just so annoying to see. We have to stay home and stick to the rules and there are many elderly and vulnerable people who live in the village all year round – and then these people show up in the world without a care.” . ”


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