Police called to save trapped baby squirrels after their tails get tangled together

The squirrels had fused together shortly after they were born. When they grew out of their nest, they collapsed to the ground.

The seven squirrels after tangling their tails (

Image: Stauppress)

Seven baby squirrels who managed to tie their tails together stayed so tight that they had to be rescued by the police.

After an emergency call last Friday, officials were sent to clear the mess in Grand Blanc, Michigan.

The squirrels had fused together shortly after they were born.

They grew so big that their nest could no longer hold them and then fell to the ground.

The police then carefully separated the squirrels “under the watchful eye of Mama Squirrel”.

In a Facebook post, the police department of the municipality of Grand Blanc described the incident and wrote: “SQUIRREL !!! A whole new meaning for officers.

The baby squirrels were tangled in their nest


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“911 received a call from seven squirrels tied by their tails.

“In fact, at the base of a tree in Block 2100 of Russell St.

“Apparently they got tangled up in their nest and eventually grew so large that the nest could no longer hold them.

“Under the watchful eye of Mama Squirrel, the officers were able to separate all seven kits with the help of a citizen.

“Your tails will take a little time to replenish, but they are safe. Great team effort! #squirrelpower #crazybuttrue ‘.

Grand Blanc locals praised the reporting officers for helping the squirrels out of their difficult situation, which a woman named Barbara said was “one of the most bizarre things” she had ever heard of.

Several Facebook took the opportunity to laugh at the bizarre situation


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“This is really amazing !!” She added.

“Bless the wonderful officers and neighbors who saved these babies’ lives because they would most certainly have perished.”

Another said, “Really amazing. This is so rare that it cannot be invented. Thank you to everyone who helped save these babies.”

After finding out that the animals were safe, others couldn’t help but crack some jokes.

One person commented, “This is sure to be a close-knit family.”

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