Home World News Police deployed to hot beaches with reports of cordons and roadblocks

Police deployed to hot beaches with reports of cordons and roadblocks

Police deployed to hot beaches with reports of cordons and roadblocks

Police are reported to be preparing diversions, cordons and road blocks to stop UK beaches becoming packed during the extreme hot weather today.

Temperatures are set to soar to 35C in parts of the UK sparking fears of a repeat of scenes that saw our beaches packed with tourists.

Dorset Police say they are taking action to prevent problems today.

The Guardian reports that action could include cordons, roadblocks, diversions and sections of beach being closed.

Superintendent Richard Bell, head of Dorset Police’s silver command for the operation, said: “We have been working with partners throughout recent weeks to ensure we have a detailed plan in place to cope with the expected influx of visitors to our county during sunny spells this summer.

“We are all keen to welcome visitors to our area but we want to ensure people enjoy what Dorset has to offer in a safe, respectful and responsible manner that does not place an additional strain on all emergency services and public resources.

“We have been putting additional resources in place, including high visibility patrols at key hotspots, and this will continue throughout the summer.”

The local council in Bournemouth has new powers to tow away cars.

On Thursday Devon and Cornwall police reported multiple traffic problems across the two counties as people headed towards the beaches – there were queues of up to four miles in places.

In the South East Sussex Police and local authorities are urging people to use common sense and – if car parks are full – go somewhere else.

Beaches in Wales are also expected to be very busy with 20,000 people at Barry Island alone on Thursday.

Cornwall Council has also issued a warning to visitors.

A major incident was declared in June when half a million people packed beaches at Bournemouth and Poole.

New lockdown rules have been imposed today in the north of England – covering the whole of Greater Manchester, parts of Yorkshire and parts of Lancashire.

They ban people from different households meeting in homes, gardens, pubs or restaurants – they can meet on pubs and beaches but must stay socially distant.




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