Police have issued 32,329 fines for breaching lockdown rules

The police have imposed more than 30,000 fines under the coronavirus law since the pandemic began, figures show.

According to the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC), a total of 32,329 Fixed Criminal Reports (FPNs) were issued by armed forces across England and Wales between March 27 and December 21.

Data released on Friday showed 28,744 were distributed by armed forces in England. In Wales, the armed forces spent 3,585.

The numbers include those handed over by the UK Traffic Police and Department of Defense Police.

Earlier this week, the interior minister announced that around 800 fines had been imposed at Christmas.

Police in Wales have stopped hundreds of cars and fined more than 300 people who broke coronavirus rules during the holiday season, Prime Minister Mark Drakeford said.

Mr Drakeford said at a press conference in Cardiff that the police had the “full support” of the Welsh government and that “increased enforcement efforts” would continue.

He said the launch of the vaccination program in Wales will “accelerate” in the coming weeks and the number of vaccination centers will increase to 35.

By the end of the month, 250 general practitioners will be delivering vaccines in Wales and there are 14 mobile units offering vaccination to nursing homes across the country.

“All frontline ambulance workers in Wales will have their first dose by next week and we will be extending the vaccination to special education staff and to vulnerable school and college workers in accordance with the latest advice,” said Drakeford.


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