Police hunt for missing British musician who vanished after dinner with pals

Jonathan Pickford’s van and two dogs were found, but the search for the guitarist and singer, who was in the eastern resort of Torre del Mar. lived on the Costa del Sol, goes on

Jonathan Pickford has been missing since August 29th

Police in Spain are looking for a missing British musician who disappeared after leaving a restaurant where he dined with friends.

Jonathan Pickford’s van and two dogs have been found, but the search for the guitarist and singer continues.

A social media call was launched for information about the expat who lived in the eastern resort of Torre del Mar, on the Costa del Sol.

Pickford’s Jersey-based group “A Band Called O” was once championed by legendary radio host and DJ John Peel.

The musician left the restaurant between the inland villages of Alcaucin and La Vinuela on the night of August 29 to drive home.

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Jonathan ‘Pix’ Pickford, performing on stage

His white Citreon Berlingo van with Spanish coating was found in an area called Los Moras, a 40-minute drive northwest of Malaga.

His dogs were next to the vehicle believed to have been abandoned after an accident.

A passing motorist reportedly helped Jonathan, known by his nickname Pix, after seeing he was in trouble.

The musician was wearing jeans and a black t-shirt with a Jack Daniels logo on it when he went missing.

Several police forces have been mobilized to help find him, although no official statement has yet been made.

British expat Jo Ramsay-Whale, a close friend, said in a social media warning before his missing van and dogs were found: “A best buddy and well known local (Axarquia, southern Spain) musician Pix Pickford has been missing since Sunday Night, August 29th.

“Last seen at a dinner with friends in a restaurant between Alcaucin and La Viñuela, he drove back to his house in Torre Del Mar, did not arrive and has not been seen since. The police are actively searching on the ground and in the air, but neither Pix, his vehicle and his two dogs that were in the vehicle with him were found.

“He drove a white Citroen Berlingo Van, registration number B0190TN, and was accompanied by his two medium-sized dogs (20-25 kg), one beige and one glossy black. Both dogs are chipped and have also been reported missing. “

She added in a later post, “If anyone is walking in that direction, I think Pix was / is on his way to the airport, but not now in his van, so please keep your eyes peeled.

“He was reportedly seen in a bar in Antequera on Friday after leaving his van. The police have been informed.”

The well-wishers responded by voicing their concern and hoping that the missing Briton would be found safe and sound

his main social media call for information about his whereabouts was shared 1,700 times.

Paul Robins wrote: “Let’s hope he shows up soon, a popular character.”

Pickford’s white, Spanish-coated Citreon Berlingo van was in an area called Los Moras. found



Sheila Bella Clifford added, “God bless him … pray for a safe return.”

Rachel Toller wrote, “Such a nice man. Met him a couple of times. I wish for a positive result. “

A band called O with Jonathan on guitar and vocals has its own Wikipedia page.

It was founded around 1970 in Jersey as “The Parlor Band”. Under their original name, the band released an album in 1972 called “Is a friend?”

After moving from Jersey to Leicester, they changed their name to “A Band Called O” and recorded the first of four peel sessions on September 24, 1974.

They later shortened their name to simply “The O Band” before disbanding in late 1977.

Pix Pickford had a brief solo career, releasing two singles: “Long Drop” and “Are You Rockin ‘” before moving to Spain to play Tore on “Racket” with Pickford, Nik Ramsey and Arturo.

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