Home World News Police officers told not to download NHS contact tracing app

Police officers told not to download NHS contact tracing app

Officials 'urgently' working to fix Covid NHS app

Police officers are instructed not to download the coronavirus contact tracking app on work phones as the app exceeded 12 million downloads on Monday.

The National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) issued guidance to armed forces across the country after the NHS Covid-19 app launched for England and Wales last Thursday.

Scotland and Northern Ireland have their own contact tracking apps.

A spokesman rejected proposals that the move was due to “safety implications”.

“Police use a variety of mobile devices with different system limitations,” said the NPCC.

“It is important that we can be confident that the NHS app will work consistently for officials and staff across the country. For this reason, we have recommended that officials and employees download the app on their personal information and not on work equipment as any indication of safety implications. “

It comes as Health Secretary Matt Hancock hailed what he called “the fastest app download in British history” after hitting 12.4 million downloads on Monday lunchtime.

“I urge everyone, including every single member of this House, to join the 12.4 million,” said Hancock.

The app uses Bluetooth technology to monitor encounters with other people in close proximity and notify them if it later tests positive for the virus.

The app is number one in both the iOS and Android app stores.




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