Police stop 'moronic' motorist for driving with an unsecured hay bale on the back of their truck

Police were stunned after stopping a driver who was caught with a large bale of hay poised precariously on the back of a pickup truck.

West Mercia Police officers discovered the dangerously overloaded vehicle on the A435 in Redditch, Worcestershire on Sunday.

Police said the loose bale rolling around in the back could have “terrifying results” and almost fell out of the back of the truck when it was stopped.

The troop’s Operations Patrol Unit used Twitter to share pictures showing the huge unpaved bundle of hay above the vehicle.

They wrote: “The large hay bale was not secured in any way and was almost rolled out when we stopped the vehicle!

“The consequences if a pedestrian or cyclist is hit are terrifying.

“The driver is reported for the crime.”

Web users used social media to make fun of the driver, with one writing, “Clinging to straws for excuses,” while another adding, “Hopefully the driver won’t be banned for this offense.”

Another said: “Joking aside, that is insanely dangerous. Not only for pedestrians or cyclists, but also for other road users.”

A third sentence: “New Year, same idiots on our streets. What an absolute tool.”

One person commented, “Idiot. There can be a lot of weight behind those pads. If they come off at high speed, they can be very dangerous.”

Another wrote on Facebook: “No tailgate? That is not good. These bales are heavy. A blow at any speed would also destroy a vehicle.”

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