Police warnings issued after 'unacceptable' gatherings across England

In the past 24 hours, paramedics have been called on 16 sledging accidents, warning that people across England are breaking the lockdown in the snowy conditions.

Chronicle Live Reports According to the North East Ambulance Service, the 16 incidents in the Northeast have “unacceptably strained resources”.

It comes as police issued a warning after hundreds of people gathered across England this week to toboggan or drink in parks in freezing conditions.

Officers were forced to respond to busy scenes in Middlesbrough and Newcastle, while Leicester police even had to rush into a “pop-up pub”.

Today the North East Ambulance Service urged people not to put undue pressure on the services.

A spokesman said: “We were called by the police at 12:50 pm today to help a patient who broke his leg on the sled.

“We took her to the RVI for treatment.

“We have dispatched 13 ambulances in the past 24 hours for 16 adults and children injured while sledding.

“This places an unacceptable burden on our service with injuries that are unnecessary and could be avoided.

“We never want to spoil your fun in the snow, but please stay safe when you ride a sled.”

Cleveland Police said they received reports on Wednesday of “hundreds” of people sledding in Flatts Lane Country Park in Middlesbrough – and large numbers of cars parked causing an obstruction.

Police said they were told that vehicles were “parked dangerously on a busy main road” – which risked a collision.

There was also a report of a fight that reportedly saw someone with a knife.

In a Facebook post Thursday, Cleveland police said two hours of police time were spent getting people to move vehicles and leave the area for their own safety.

The post added: “People are allowed to play sports in the region, but we ask them to show due consideration when there are large numbers of people in the same place and what risks this could entail.

“We have been in a global pandemic for almost a year and we all know we have to do our part to keep people safe and stop the virus from spreading.

“The sheer amount of people in the park yesterday could have put people at risk.”

The force said the officers had largely “positive” public engagement and only one person was given a fixed sentence for refusing to leave the area after abusing the officers.

According to the Covid Lockdown rules in England, people are only allowed to leave the house if they have a “reasonable excuse” to do so, e.g. B. shopping for the bare minimum or the permitted child care.

People should limit outdoor exercise to once a day, which they can take alone, with their household, or with someone they don’t live with.

Leaving the house for recreational or leisure purposes, e.g. B. for a picnic or a social meeting is not permitted.

The police can impose fines of up to £ 10,000 for organized gatherings.

A spokeswoman for the National Police Chiefs Council said it was up to the local officials to assess the situation and decide how to apply the rules.

Cleveland Police inspector Tony Cross told the BBC that the crowds at Flatts Lane Country Park had “consumed many resources” and the officers were “outnumbered”.

Elsewhere, Northumbria police said they distributed crowds of young adults drinking and socializing on Newcastle’s Town Moor on Thursday.

A press secretary said officials visited the park all day after reports of “large crowds” the previous night.

ChronicleLive reported that Wednesday footage showed night owls standing on Cow Hill drinking and playing music.

A witness told the website there were “a good 300” people in attendance and “no social distancing”.

The Northumbria police spokesman commented on the activities on Thursday, saying the majority of the people are made up of young families who have stayed in their households and behaved responsibly.

He added, “However, as we moved into the evening, we became aware of large crowds, mostly young adults, drinking and socializing in scenes similar to Wednesday.

“Large numbers of officers were dispatched to the Moors to disperse these crowds and there were no further problems throughout the evening.

“We don’t believe this was an organized gathering, but this type of behavior is completely unacceptable and undermines the efforts of the majority of the people in our area who make daily sacrifices to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.”

No fines have been imposed and no arrests have been made, police said.

However, Leicestershire Police announced that they had fined seven men after officials discovered a “pop-up pub” with a bar, big screen TV and pool table on the premises on Morris Road in Leicester on Wednesday .

Officers were heading to the site when the Leicester City FA Cup match was taking place against Brighton & Hove Albion.

The TV was plugged into a sky box and alcohol was consumed, but no money appeared to be exchanged, the troop said.

Sergeant Ben Widdowson said, “Meetings like this put the lives of you, your family, your friends and those in your community at risk.”


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