Politician defends son accused of raping girl saying 'she has a woman's body'

A right-wing politician has sparked anger after defending his son who is accused of raping a 12-year-old girl by saying she had a woman’s body.

The shameless Ivan Roca also implied that he accused the girl’s parents of having protected them better.

Mr Roca, a member of the opposition party of the Independent Independent Democratic Union in Chile, made stunning statements in a defense statement by his son J├╝rgen Roca Aguayo.

The 33-year-old is on remand awaiting trial.

The city council said it was a “shame the man always paid the price” after his testimony sparked outrage online.

He added that he had visited his son and it was a “tragedy” that so many young men were in prison for “the same reason”.

Mr Roca posted a statement on Facebook accusing parents of young girls when people like his son are accused of rape.

In the post, which has now gone viral, he said that despite the girl’s young age, she has a “female body” and that parents of young girls need to better “control” their children.

He also indicated that in order to avoid the family from suffering, young women should be supervised by parents who act to carefully control them.

Mr Roca ended the post warning that parents who fail to follow this advice should be judged for their own bad choices and viewed as irresponsible.

Isabel Pla Jarufe, ex-vice president of UDI, said the former colleague’s post was “unacceptable”.

She said: “He has a public responsibility as a civil servant and what he has said is unacceptable.

“He tried to victimize his 33-year-old son when he raped a 12-year-old girl.”

Under pressure from the public and other politicians, Mr Roca said his words had been “taken out of context”.

He said he did not mean to say that young girls should be “controlled” but “guided”.

The city council said to Eldesconcierto: “It’s a shame what happened to my son. I just visited him in prison and it was full of young men like him arrested for being with minors without first going through ponder the consequences. “

“That feels very wrong to me, regardless of whether the minor appeared older or not.”

Speaking to the media, he continued to question the parents of young girls, whom he held responsible for their daughters getting to know older men and for “behaving irresponsibly”.

He also claimed it was “only the man who pays the price for the crime”.


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