Politics Podcast: Democrats Are Struggling On Immigration Policy

In this part of the FiveThirtyEight Politics podcast, the crew discusses A package The voting rules amendments signed Thursday by Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, placing these new rules in the context of other proposals from Republicans across the country that could make voting difficult. Georgian law contains a number of controversial provisions, including granting more authority to the legislature (instead of the Secretary of State) over the state election committee and prohibiting volunteers from giving food, water or chairs to people waiting for a vote.

The gang also addresses the challenges the Biden government faces when it comes to the increase in migrants on the southern border and reform of immigration in the broader sense. There does not appear to have broad consensus among Democrats on how to approach immigration reform. And in the near future, the US is seeing the largest increase in migrants on the southern border in 20 years. according to the Secretary of Homeland Security.

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