'Pollen bomb' set to plague hayfever sufferers over holiday weekend

Those suffering from hay fever have been warned of high pollen levels this weekend as May draws to a close.

The sunny weather and holidays draw people outside after a damp spring.

However, data from the Kleenex pollen forecast shows levels continue to rise across the UK during peak pollen season – potentially leading to a miserable wave of runny noses, sore eyes and sneezing fits. reports Bristol Live.

On this holiday, sunny weather and temperatures of up to 20 degrees are forecast, both of which are expected to contribute to higher pollen levels.

Kleenex pollen prediction

The severity of pollen levels is measured using pollen grains per cubic meter (PPM).

A value of 200-703 for tree pollen is considered high and anything above 704 is considered very high.

Selected regions with currently high projections for tree pollen in the UK on Sunday are:

London: 277 PPM

Belfast: 285 ppm

Bristol: 267 ppm

Leeds: 272 ppm

Leicester: 289 ppm

Liverpool: 290 ppm

Manchester: 281 PPM

Nottingham: 288 ppm

The Kleenex pollen prediction provides detailed pollen counts three days in advance for all 1.7 million postcodes across the UK, so people with hay fever can plan the days based on pollen data specific to their city rather than a full national forecast.

The data comes from Ambee, which collects information from pollen traps across the country, local daytime weather, and different types of trees, weeds and grass in a given area.

Pollen tips

Amena Warner, Head of Clinical Services at Allergy UK, has provided advice to those suffering from hay fever on how to deal with symptoms when meeting friends and family in the garden, pub or park:

Consider your wardrobe choices

Accessories like hats and wraparound sunglasses can prevent pollen from reaching the face, hair, and most importantly, eyes

Try an allergen protection balm

Some allergy sufferers find that applying an anti-allergen balm around the base of the nostrils and around the sunglasses creates a barrier to airborne allergens

Carefully plan your daily outings

Always check the Kleenex pollen forecast before leaving the house. Monitoring pollen levels daily can help you plan your symptoms in advance

Take a shower when you return home

Pollen can stay on your skin and hair after you’ve been outside. So take a shower ASAP when you return home

Always carry a pack of tissues with you

Ori Ben Shai, Vice President and General Manager of Kimberly-Clark UK, said: “We know how uncomfortable hay fever can be and are excited to continue our partnership with Allergy UK to help the 13 million hay fever sufferers in the UK this summer.

“The Kleenex Pollen Forecast offers unmatched insight into local pollen levels and should be of great help to anyone struggling with allergies.

“We recommend anyone with hay fever symptoms to check the pollen levels in their zip code daily to make sure they can prepare properly and don’t have to hide inside while the sun is shining.”


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