Pooch is 'inseparable' best friends with neighbour cat – who even knocks on door to 'ask if he can play out'

An adorable pooch has become “inseparable” best friends with a neighbor cat who even knocks on the family’s back door to ask if the dog can play.

When Sarah Hunt started walking Benji – a Jack Russell Springer cross – near her home in March, Cambridgeshire, 20 months ago, she noticed they had a little black cat shade.

Adorable shots show the Moggy – only known as “Black Cat” – waiting in the music producer’s garden and looking in through the doors until their doggy game date comes out.

The 35-year-old says the cat – who appears to have come from a nearby house – is in her garden every morning doing her “daily yoga” stretches with Benji, and walks the couple in for 20 minutes follow the city.

Sarah said, “They have been friends since we took Benji for his first walk at the age of four months. She followed us at first, but only from a distance.

“She would follow the whole walk, even if we were walking in March 20 minutes away. At first we thought she was interested in us, not our dog.

“Then we started letting him out into our yard and she jumped off the fence and started playing with him. They run around and stroke each other. That’s when we noticed that she was interested in Benji.

“He really loved the attention and they’ve been inseparable ever since. It’s in our garden every day.

“They got closer and closer with each passing day. Some days she stays in the garden all day.

“She’s always going to call every morning because he’ll meet her and they’ll do some stretching together. I’m joking it’s her daily yoga.

“Then she usually sees him on his afternoon stroll, but if she doesn’t catch him, she comes into the garden in the evening to get Benji.”

When she went to pick up Springer Jack Benji, music producer Sarah Hunt was concerned that he would not get along with her mother Nanas’ cat because his parents did not like cats.

Sarah said, “We just think it’s so fun. The reason we almost didn’t buy Benji was because his parents really didn’t like both cats and we were worried that he wouldn’t get along with Marley.

“But it turns out that he absolutely loves cats, especially these. Because we have Marley, cats are always around and they all get along with him, but none as much as Black Cat.

“We’re trying so hard to find the cat’s owner to let them know of their friendship. Her collar and pendant are really worn out so we don’t even know her name.

“All of our neighbors only saw her outside, so we don’t know where she came from.

“We’ll just call her Black Cat for now. However, Benji recognizes this name perfectly. Whenever we say her name, he perks up his ears and looks for her.

“We sometimes leave goodies and food for her, but we don’t do it every day because when she has a home we don’t want her to leave this family.

“If she turns out to be a stray, we’d love to take her into our home.”

Sarah Hunt and her dog Benji

The unusual friendship between Benji and Black Cat has caused quite a stir on the internet as some of the couple’s videos have been viewed more than 400,000 times.

One commenter said, “This friendship is so precious.”

Another person wrote, “And people say pets are not like children. Hopefully the cat’s parents know they can never move. “

One person joked, “Now give the cat a key.”

Another person wrote, “I believe they [Black Cat] want to move in. Obsessed with these two cuties. “

In response, Sarah said, “I never expected their relationship to be something so many people would be interested in. It was so nice to see how people react to that.

“It was nice to see how much love Benji and Black Cat get. So I would really like to tell her owner about her following things.

“People even asked me to make a wish-list so they could send gifts to both of them.”

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