Possum holds woman 'hostage' in her own home after 'running up her leg'

A New Zealand woman was held hostage in her own home by a young possum, known by local police as the “Blacks Road Ripper,” whom she had to rescue from her tormentor

The young woman had just unpacked her car when the opossum began its reign of terror and locked her in her own home (

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A young possum held a New Zealand woman hostage in her own home.

After the woman returned home from a trip to Timaru, the woman was unpacking her car when the marsupial named “The Blacks Road Ripper” attacked.

Police officers received a call on Sunday evening from a desperate woman in the city of Dunedin, South Island.

The University of Otago graduate student, who turned down her name, was held hostage by the animal in her own home and was too scared to go outside or reach her car.

In conversation with ThingsShe said, “I had my things left on the porch and when I went back to my car … I heard this rustling.

“I thought ‘that’s weird,’ and when I was getting things from the back seat, something ran up my leg.

“I took off my clothes and thought it was a cat and then I saw it was a possum.”

The woman, who grew up on a farm and was familiar with possums, promptly withdrew to her house, pursued by the possum.

Every time the opossum saw her through the glass doors, it would run towards the glass and hold her trapped there.

When she returned home, the opossum rang on her leg and at first she thought it was a cat


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She tried to call the animal welfare agency but was informed that the staff was not ready to come out and referred her to the police.

After the non-emergency number of her local police station failed to connect, she called the police to help her.

About 20 minutes later, an officer came to her home and spoke to her through the window.

But the opossum lunged at them too, climbing on top of the officer before they could stun the animal with the light of their flashlight.

The officer was able to safely put the opossum in a box with some dry food.

Like all the toughest crooks, it was loaded into the back of the police car and carted away from its victim.

Senior Sergeant Craig Dinniseen said the furry suspect is either an escaped pet or was recently separated from his mother.

The opossum was released into the wild safely and without harm.

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