Posting a PCR test: Where to find a Royal Mail Priority Postbox in Birmingham

If you think you have coronavirus and you are doing a PCR test at home because of symptoms, you may want to know how to get this public so that you can get your result.

The government and Royal Mail have partnered to expedite the process of sending a test to find out if a person is positive or negative for Covid-19.

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There are more than 35,000 Priority Postboxes, as they are called, scattered across the country, several of which are available for you here in Birmingham.

So where can I find a Royal Mail Priority Postbox to send my Covid-19 test and which ones are available in Birmingham? This is what we know.

Where can I find a Royal Mail Priority PO Box in Birmingham?

First of all, before you start, check the shipping instructions on the PCR test you received to see how they collect your test and give you your result.

There are more than twenty priority mailboxes across town that you can post your test result to if necessary.

The first is on Summer street , the second is on Waterway , and the third is on Caroline Street .

Graham Street is home to another priority mailbox, just as it is Newhall Street and Margaretenstrasse .

The seventh location is Edmundstrasse while the eighth and ninth locations are enabled to find a priority mailbox Steelhouse Lane and Corporation Street .

When you can’t use them, there are more priority mailboxes up Cambridge Street, Waterloo Street, Needless Alley, High Street, New Street, Station Street and at Norfolk House .

There are even more drop-off points Cregoe Street, Hurst Street , and at the Post Office on Gooch Street .

Late last year ministers announced that Royal Mail had decided to increase the number of their priority mailboxes from 33,000 to over 35,000.

It did so when they confirmed more weekend pickups on more than 15,000 of them, meaning that Royal Mail staff would now pick up the mail from some of them on a Sunday.

To find your local Royal Mail Priority PO Box and find out when to pick up the mail, click on here .


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