Poundland's hand ornaments are back by popular demand

A popular line of hand jewelry sold in Poundland has returned to the stores.

The unusual homewares frenzied shoppers when they first hit shelves in September.

The £ 2 ornaments also became a hotly debated topic on Instagram. the Liverpool echo reported.

And now, by popular demand, they are back in stores. Customers claim they “need” them with one Buyers Excitedly exclaiming: “You are back !!!!!!!!”

The ornaments, priced at £ 2, are depicted in a variety of hand gestures including the peace sign, OK sign and rock-on sign. They are available in black, gold and silver.

The retailer’s post on their Instagram account drew more than 3,000 likes and dozens of comments.

The headline read: “Our famous Insta hand jewelry are back! Who can hardly wait to get their hands on these next time they visit an important store?”

Shops in Poundland will remain open during the lockdown and people will be allowed to go shopping if they need to buy essentials like groceries and medicines.

One shopper replied to the post, “I got one for my bathroom yesterday,” while a second added, “I need the silver one, I have the black one.”

A third person tagged their friend and said, “Need the golden one,” to which their friend replied, “I hope you weren’t kidding about it because you now have one. Well, it’s in my house, but I’ll keep it safe until I can see you! Xx “

One customer said, “I have all 3 in gold. They look really cool in my living room and are a bargain for £ 2 each.”

Another user wrote, “You need to put your shop online because I need this one !!! Lol” and one person added, “Looked today, of course, wants them all”.

And another commented, “Those hands are cute,” and one said, “Would love black women, for my granddaughter she would love it. That’s the sign she always makes.”

Earlier this month Buyers loved the £ 1 Poundland perfume that “smells the same” as YSL for £ 99 less.


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