Predator who raped Brit girl, 15, in Costa del Sol alleyway jailed over horror attack

A 36-year-old man was jailed after confessing to raping a British girl in Fuengirola, Costa del Sol, Spain in the early hours of New Year’s Day when she was 15 years old

British school girl was 15 when she was attacked (file image) (

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A predator who raped a British teenager in an alley on the Costa del Sol has been sentenced to 12 years in prison.

The 36-year-old Senegalese was jailed after confessing to the sexual assault in a court in Malaga on Wednesday.

Prosecutors said they are demanding a 14-year prison sentence before his trial if convicted.

But he ended up admitting wrongdoing in exchange for a reduced prison sentence when the case went to court.

The rapist, an unnamed illegal immigrant, is deported from Spain after serving his sentence and banned from re-entry for a decade.

He has also agreed to pay his victim, who was 15 at the time of the attack in the early hours of New Year’s Day last year in the Fuengirola resort, £ 16,890 in compensation.

The victim was raped in the Spanish city of Fuengirola


Getty Images / iStockphoto)

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The British school girl is said to have suffered from post-traumatic stress and nightmares as well as sleep disorders after her ordeal, which required specialist treatment.

Her well-built attacker, who is about six feet tall, grabbed her arm and dragged her into an alley when she was sitting alone on a beach wall in Fuengirola at around 3 a.m. on New Year’s Day 2020.

He ignored her requests to stop, threw her to the ground and raped her before leaving her “in shock” at the scene.

The teenager told police after the sex attack that the man had already made a previous attempt to sexually abuse her at a chance meeting in August 2019.

On that occasion, she turned down his cocaine offer when they met next to a bar in Fuengirola as she was celebrating her birthday.

She revealed that her friends moved in to stop him after he grabbed her arm to take her away.

As is customary in Spain, the victim of the sex attack hired a private attorney in addition to the public prosecutor to prosecute her rapist.

Her lawyer requested a 15-year sentence on conviction before the man’s confession resulted in a reduced sentence.

The hearing took place in the second section of the Malaga Province Criminal Court.

The outcome of the trial came after it was closed, despite the fact that the trial was held behind closed doors by order of three trial judges because it was a sexual crime involving minors.


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