Premier League told 'monkey emojis don't break rules on racism'

Twitter has told Premier League clubs that monkey emojis do not violate the social media site’s rules of racism despite the abuse of footballers online.

A number of footballers, including Manchester United players, Marcus Rashford, Anthony Martial and Axel Tuanzebe, have been subjected to racial abuse on social media in recent weeks, forcing clubs to report abusive tweets.

Several high profile clubs have reported clearly offensive tweets using a monkey emoji in hateful ways for Twitter. reports The Mirror and the Daily Mail.

But they were stunned when they were told the posts had not violated the website’s terms.

A user who allegedly referred to a number of players in a Premier League club as “damn monkeys” saw their account banned but had “the opportunity to take any action we requested to unlock their account”.

Greater Manchester Police are investigating abuse against United players while Old Trafford Club has offered their assistance to Stars who have been targeted.

Meanwhile, Roman Abramovich wrote a letter to Chelsea players on the matter after he was molested against Reece James while Hampshire police are investigating after Southampton young man Alex Jakewitz after his red card against United was attacked by racist trolls.

A Twitter spokesperson told The Mirror: “Racist behavior has no place in our service. If we identify accounts that violate any of the Twitter rules, we take enforcement action. The referenced accounts have been permanently banned.

“We have clear guidelines on abusive and hateful behavior, and we take enforcement action when we discover violations, including hateful images and emojis.

“We have been proactive and continue to work with our valued partners to find ways to work together to address this issue and will continue to do our part to curb this unacceptable behavior – both online and offline.”


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