Primark making huge change to all its clothes

Primark has committed to making all of its clothing from recycled or more sustainable materials by 2030 and promises the move will not result in higher prices.

The fast fashion giant also said it will increase the durability of its clothes to make them last longer and design garments so that they can be recycled.

The retailer’s new 10-year sustainability strategy includes cutting its carbon footprint in half and “striving for” a living wage for workers in its supply chain.

Currently, around 25% of Primark’s clothing is made from recycled or more sustainable materials.

In the first step of the commitment next year, all T-shirts will be made from sustainably grown cotton at the entry-level price for men, women and children.

Primark said it will make changes to the design process to ensure its end-of-life clothing can be recycled to reduce fashion waste, and is working with waste and resources on body wrap to come up with new industry guidelines on durability.

Primark CEO Paul Marchant said, “We believe that sustainability should not be offered at a price that only a minority can afford. Because of our personalities, we believe we have the opportunity to make more sustainable fashion choices affordable for everyone.

“This is a new and exciting chapter in Primark’s history. Our goal is to offer our customers the affordable prices they know and love us for, but with products better made for the planet and the people who make them.

“We know that this is what our customers and colleagues want and expect from us.”

Stores will promote the retailer’s new “How Change Looks” campaign, along with more garbage cans and educating consumers on techniques to extend the life of their wardrobe, from sewing skills to instructions on washing practices.

Primark said it would report annually on its progress towards meeting its commitments.

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