Prime Minister 'abandoning millions' to hardship with Universal Credit cut – charity warns

Boris Johnson is leaving “millions” in dire straits by pushing ahead with the sharply opposed Universal Credit (UC) cut, a charity has warned.

In 35 parts of the UK, at least half of working-age families with children will be affected by the lifting of the £ 20 per week increase, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) said.

The hardest hit areas include Newham in east London (64% of working-age families affected), Leicester (62%) and Manchester (61%).

The new analysis also shows that the cut will have the greatest impact in Yorkshire and Humber, the North East, the North West and the West Midlands.

The temporary increase, put in place to help applicants weather the coronavirus pandemic storm, was phased out in late September.

As of October 6, no estimates for calculating payments will include the increase – the same day the Prime Minister will address the Conservatives at the party’s annual conference in Manchester.

According to the JRF, 26% of working-age families in the Greater Manchester Combined Authority area – around 312,000 families – will be affected by the cut.

The move was widely opposed, including by six former labor and pension ministers, charities, think tanks, teachers and MPs from across the political spectrum.

Katie Schmuecker, JRF Assistant Director of Policy and Partnerships, said: “The Prime Minister is leaving millions to hunger and need with open eyes.

“The biggest overnight social security cut to date is at odds with the government’s mission to unite and level our country.”

A government spokesman said, “We have always realized that the universal credit increase and vacation program were temporary. They were designed to help applicants through the economic shock and financial disruption during the toughest stages of the pandemic, and they have done so.

“The Universal Loan will continue to provide vital assistance to the employed and inactive, and vulnerable households across the country will have access to a new £ 500 million support fund to help them get on with their basic needs over the coming months.” from the pandemic. “

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