Prime Minister Boris Johnson to make Covid announcement on Friday

Prime Minister Boris Johnson will host a press conference on Downing Street on Friday at 5 p.m.

The Prime Minister is expected to speak about the vaccination program, but he will also warn the British that it is too early to relax as speculation mounts that England’s lockdown will last into the summer.

Mr. Johnson is likely to be accompanied by scientific and medical experts.

It comes a day after Home Secretary Priti Patel held a briefing and announced a new £ 800 for people attending parties during the lockdown.

And it comes from the fact that the government is considering giving £ 500 everyone if they test positive for Covid-19 – to encourage isolation.

The government is considering “all possible” measures to help people adhere to the rules of Covid-19 and self-isolation, said Environment Minister George Eustice.

After reports that £ 500 could be offered to help people in need of self-isolation, he told BBC Breakfast, “We have always had the £ 500 support payment for those receiving certain services.

“We have always checked this and know that sometimes it can be quite difficult to ask people to isolate for this length of time.

“Right now we’re in a complete lockdown anyway, so in many cases people stay home while they can go to work.

“We will keep checking this. We have to consider all possible guidelines. “


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