Prime suspect in Madeleine McCann disappearance linked to similar case in Germany

Prime suspect in Madeleine McCann disappearance linked to similar case in Germany

The prime suspect for the disappearance of the British toddler Madeleine McCann is currently being investigated for possible involvement in a similar crime in Germany, the prosecutors said on Friday.

Five-year-old Inga G. from Schönebeck disappeared on May 2, 2015, almost eight years after Madeleine’s disappearance on May 3, from a forest in the northern city of Stendal, about 60 miles west of the German capital Berlin. 2007.

Inga G. from Germany has been missing since 2015.Police of Saxony-Anhalt via AP

The authorities have not released the suspect’s name in the Inga G. case, but he has been widely identified as Christian B by the German media. His surname was not published due to the German data protection regulations. NBC News was unable to confirm this.

Christian B. was also named as the main suspect in the McCann case.

“It is being examined whether the two cases are related,” a spokesman for the prosecutor’s office in the city of Stade told NBC News.

They added that if he were linked to Inga G.’s disappearance, “he could also become the accused in the trial here.”

Madeleine lived with her parents Gerry and Kate McCann and their younger twin siblings in a vacation rental when she disappeared from the Portuguese resort of Praia da Luz 13 years ago.

Her parents had put the children to bed and had dinner in a restaurant about 200 feet away. It disappeared in the few hours they were gone.

Her disappearance triggered an international search, with missing posters on the face of the little girl around the world and celebrities calling for information that could help track them down and bring their kidnappers to justice.

The Portuguese police closed the investigation in 2008, but after two years of examining the case documents, the London police opened the case that pierced the UK in July 2013. Since then, they have spent the equivalent of millions of dollars trying to find them, but no one has been found charged and no confirmed sightings were made.

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The London City Police announced the new suspect on Wednesday and said in a statement that she “had found that he lived in the Algarve between 1995 and 2007 and was not” and was “connected to the Praia da Luz area”.

The case was treated as a suspected murder, the German police said in a statement on Thursday, adding that it had determined the method of killing McCann. No body was ever found.

Madeleine McCann was missing in a Portuguese holiday complex in May 2007.AP file

The suspect, who is currently detained in Germany for crimes related to other people, has received a number of convictions for child sexual abuse. It was also believed that he had earned his living “by committing crimes such as breaking into hotel complexes and vacation homes, and by trading narcotics”.

Both the British and German police asked for information about the man and published photos of vehicles – a Volkswagen RV and a Jaguar – that he was using at the time.

The public prosecutor’s office in Braunschweig is investigating, said the public prosecutor of Braunschweig, Hans Christian Wolters, on Thursday.

“We assume the girl is dead,” he added.

A McCann family spokesman told NBC News that the identification of the suspect “feels more important” than previous announcements about the case.


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