Prince Charles makes donation to victims of Australian bushfire and cyclone

Prince Charles has donated an undisclosed amount to the victims of two Australian disasters.

The Prince of Wales has donated funds to the victims of the devastating Perth Hills bushfires and tropical cyclone Seroja.

A total of $ 7.6 million (£ 4.1 million) was raised for hurricane victims in Western Australia and $ 16.4 million (£ 8.9 million) for bushfire victims.

While the amount of the donation was kept secret by Charles, it was enough to help dozens of people hardest hit by the disasters, reports Australian media.

The first 34 payments of his donation to the Lord Mayor’s Emergency Relief Fund (LMDRF) were reportedly made on Tuesday.

WA Prime Minister Mark McGowan described the cyclone that hit the Midwestern state in April, killing hundreds of homes and damaging hundreds of homes, as “like nothing we have seen in decades.”

It wreaked havoc in Southeast Asia, where it killed an estimated 272 people, including 183 people in Indonesia and 42 in East Timor.

One person died in Australia. The 38-year-old maintenance engineer was electrocuted while trying to secure the power pole of a caravan park against the storm after falling over in strong winds.

Homes in Kalbarri, Western Australia, were flattened by the tropical cyclone

The bushfires that raged Perth Hill in February destroyed at least 86 homes.

The Lord Mayor of Perth, Basil Zempilas, welcomed the prince’s donation and also thanked the WA congregation for their generosity Email online reported.

He said, “We have already seen the people of Western Australia, businesses across Western Australia and the Eastern states respond with warmth, generosity and donations to help this year’s double disasters in WA.

“The Prince of Wales has made a very generous donation to the LMDRF.

Cyclone Seroja tore a devastating path through the tourist town of Kalbarri in April

“It is an honor and a privilege to accept this donation and I thank His Royal Highness and the Office of the Prince of Wales for working with us to make this possible.”

The Perth bushfires were the last to devastate Australia after the country’s telltale flames in the summer months leading up to the coronavirus pandemic.

Australia had a particularly relentless bushfire season known as the Black Summer.

34 people were killed directly in the fires and hundreds more were killed from smoke inhalation.

The country started 2020 with people and native wildlife losing their lives and homes before plunging the country into the Covid crisis along with the rest of the world.

Australia has maintained comparatively strong protection against the pandemic after being locked down early along with neighboring New Zealand.

In the population of almost 26 million, a total of 910 people died of the coronavirus.


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