Prince George's favourite TV show has dedicated an episode to him

The Duchess of Cambridge has shared details of a special connection between her son Prince George and the children’s television show Fireman Sam.

Kate confirmed that Fireman Sam was George’s favorite series.

During an interview with BBC Radio One, Kate Middleton revealed that the popular show was one of George’s favorites.

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She said, “Fireman Sam has aroused a lot of interest.”

Kate stated that her son loved the helicopters on the show and was seen buying a reading book from Fireman Sam at a charity store in 2016.

The show bosses apparently cherished the young royals’ love for Fireman Sam and decided to make a special episode dedicated to Prince George.

In 2018, the show celebrated its 30th anniversary with a special cameo from Prince George and his father, Prince William, with the episode dubbed The Prince in Pontypandy.

The episode takes place in the fictional Welsh village of Pontypandy, where Sam and his fire department received a surprise visit from an unnamed royal prince.

Later in the episode, a character falls into a ravine and the prince takes a helicopter ride on the rescue mission himself.

This was a clear nod to Prince Williams’ experience of flying search and rescue helicopters.

After the prince’s exploits, he is given a toy helicopter – a sweet nod to Prince George.

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