Prince Harry 'ashamed' with how he dealt with Meghan's suicidal thoughts

Prince Harry has spoken about how he and Meghan dealt with suicidal thoughts.

The prince spoke in a bonus episode “City Hall” of the series “The Me You Can’t See”, in which he explained how he deals with people who say they want to end their own lives.

He indicated that he felt more confident about how to react, but also said that he was “ashamed” of the way he handled it.

During the episode, he said, “So many people are scared of being on the receiving end of this conversation because they don’t feel they have the right tools to give the right advice.”

“But what you [want] to say is “You are there”. Listen, because listening and being part of this conversation is without a doubt the best first step you can take. ‘

The discussion comes after Harry valiantly discusses how he felt when Ms. Meghan Markle confessed her suicidal thoughts, the Spiegel reports.

“I’m a little ashamed of the way I dealt with it,” he had confessed.

Meghan told Harry in 2019 how she planned to kill herself just before the couple went on to get engaged at the Royal Albert Hall.

“And of course, because of the system we were in and the responsibilities and duties we had, we had to cuddle up quickly, and then we had to change to jump into a convoy with a police escort and head to the Royal Albert drive hall for a charity event, “he admitted.

“Then step into a wall of cameras and pretend everything is fine.”

On the show, Harry revealed how therapy had helped him deal with his mental health problems and that it had helped “break the cycle”.

He confessed that he would have had no future with Meghan if he hadn’t gone to therapy to “fix” himself.

And he shared how he wanted to leave the royal family before he did but was turned away by certain members and he regrets not having taken his stance sooner.

He continued, “It’s like, ‘Well, how bad does it have to get before I get to do this?’

“You [Meghan] would end her life. It shouldn’t have to come to that. “

Elsewhere in the new episode, Harry admitted that some people believe there are fewer health professionals out there who can help with mental health problems, but more people with problems can “go through and come out on the other side” and help each other .

* If you are struggling with mental health, you can speak to a trained counselor from the Mind Mental Health Charity on 0300 123 3393 or email [email protected]


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