Prince Harry 'panics' when he bumps into The Queen at Buckingham Palace

Prince Harry panics when he meets the Queen, according to an earlier documentary.

For many of us, panic would definitely be one of the things on our mind if we were ever to meet the Queen face to face.

Many celebrities have even reported struggling to keep their cool when she came to say hello.

Well, it seems that even some people in the royal family are having trouble keeping their composure – including Prince Harry.

In a clip from a 2018 documentary, Prince Harry joked about a sense of “panic” when he met his grandmother in the hallways of Buckingham Palace.

The HBO documentary Queen of the World, Harry is shown reaching out to a group of Caribbean hoteliers who live in the palace, recounted The express.

The 36-year-old prince gave the group some advice, revealing that even he still “panics” when he sees the queen, despite being related to her.

He said, “You’ve spent a lot more time at Buckingham Palace than I have ever been – and you’ve only been here two weeks.

“Have you met the Queen yet?

“If you suddenly see her in the hallway, don’t panic.

“I know you will. We all do!”

The pressure probably came from his thinking of the Queen as his “boss”, which he also talked about earlier.

During the BBC tribute documentary Elizabeth At 90, which aired in 2016, he explained how difficult it is to think of the monarch as just his grandma.

He added, “I still see her more as a queen than my grandmother.”


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