Prince Harry 'self-isolating' in case he has to hurry back to see his grandad

The Duke of Sussex has put himself into coronavirus self-isolation in case his grandfather’s condition worsens.

Prince Harry currently resides in California with his wife Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex.

But when the Duke’s grandfather – Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh – was spending his third night in the hospital, Harry decided to stay in his £ 11 million mansion with his pregnant wife and son Archie – in case that he has to fly to the UK a quick note.

A source said the mirror that Harry has already made arrangements to fly a private jet and is “regularly” informed about his grandfather’s condition.

The Prince will be tested before leaving the US and upon entering the UK. it is understood.

The United States and Spain are expected to be the newest members of the “Red List” of countries where travelers must be quarantined in hotels.

Officials are said to be considering adding to the list of countries where travelers are forced to isolate themselves at a government-approved hotel upon arrival in the UK.

However, members of the royal family have a special travel exemption – similar to diplomatic immunity – which means Harry would not have to be quarantined if he tested negative for Covid-19.

His wife Meghan, who is said to be five months pregnant, would have to decide for herself whether she is satisfied with the travel.

It was reported that she asked for a delay in her data protection case in the High Court late last year because she was expecting a baby.

A source said: “Harry is naturally concerned for his grandfather’s wellbeing and is regularly informed of his condition.

“He has chosen to stay in case he has to return to the UK on short notice.”

The risk in the US and Spain is being reviewed by the Cabinet Covid Operations Committee this week.

Both nations have transferred new variants locally and are geographically connected to places such as Portugal in Spain, which are already subject to British foreign travel bans.

The new measure aimed to combat the spread of new varieties of Coronavirus went into effect this week.

A spokesman for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex did not respond to a comment.


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