Prince Harry 'won't be punished' in Philip's will – and 'staff will get share'

Prince Harry is not “punished” in Prince Philip for his recent personal comments about the royal family, a royal insider said.

The Duke of Edinburgh was “not the kind of character to punish a grandson [Harry] for bad behavior “, The sun reports the source said.

The royal insider told the newspaper that Philip “never had a grudge” and that Harry and his other grandchildren were “weeded out” a while ago.

They also alleged three close associates of Philip left money in his will.

They told The Sun that his “private secretary Brigadier Archie Miller Bakewell, his side William Henderson and valet Stephen Niedojadlo” would all inherit.

Mr. Bakewell often stood up for Philip when he was unable to attend an engagement.

Mr Niedojadlo and Mr Henderson are said to have stayed with him at the Sandringham Estate, and Henderson also helped look after him during his final days in Windsor.

Prince Philip’s children – Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Edward and Prince Andrew – are believed to inherit from his vast collection of books, as well as other personal memorabilia.

The royal will was public until the death of Edward VII in 1910.


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