Prince Philip’s children pay tribute to him as Queen and family’s ‘rock’

The children of the Duke of Edinburgh have recognized him as the stone in the Queen and in her family’s life.

His youngest son, the Earl of Wessex, said Philip had a “challenging role” but performed it with the “most extraordinary torch” and never tried to overshadow the Queen.

All of the Duke’s four children spoke about a BBC tribute Friday night, recognizing him as someone who had encouraged and supported them.

Prince Edward said, “It has always been a challenging role, but he did it with the most extraordinary torch and tact and diplomacy.

“He never tried to overshadow the Queen in any way and I think he was always there as that stone in the Queen’s life, and it certainly was exactly the same in his family.”

Philip died peacefully in his sleep at Windsor Castle on Friday morning, a few months before his 100th birthday.

The Princess Royal said she would remember best that her father was “always there,” someone who helps with a problem or comes up with ideas.

She added, “I will best remember that he was always there and a person to bounce ideas off of, but when you had problems you could always go to him and know that he would listen and try to help.”

Anne also said Philip gave “a tremendous amount of encouragement” while Edward added, “My father was always a great source of support and encouragement and guidance throughout the process and never tried to do any activity or anything we wanted trying to limit and doing would always encourage that.

“And I’ll always remember it and thank him for it.”

The Prince of Wales said that while his father did not “like to suffer fools,” he was good at showing him how to do things.

Charles added, “Well, you know he doesn’t like to endure fools. So when you said something that was in any way ambiguous, he said,” Make up your mind. “

“Maybe it made you choose your words carefully.

“He was very good at showing you how to do things and taught you various things.”

The Duke of York said Philip read to the family in the evenings.

Andrew added, “Like any family of the day, your parents went to work during the day, but in the evening, just like any other family we brought together, we sat as a group on the sofa and he read to us.”

Speaking to ITV News, Edward also said that Philip’s public image portrayed by certain sections of the media is “always an unfair portrayal”.

Prince Edward said his father had a “wonderful” sense of humor, but people could misinterpret or “turn things against” things.

Edward said, “The public image that certain parts of the media would portray has always been an unfair portrayal.

“He’s always given it the best he can and always in a very entertaining way.

“He was brilliant. Always absolutely brilliant.

“He had a wonderful sense of humor, but of course something can always be misinterpreted or turned against them, so it sounds like it’s not right.

“But everyone who had the privilege of hearing him speak said it was his humor that always came through and the twinkle in his eyes.”

Anne also told ITV News that “life would be completely different” without her father.

Commenting on Philip’s legacy, Anne said: “Without him, life will be completely different.

“But from a social perspective, he has been able to keep up with the technological changes that are having such an impact … but most of all, it’s not about technology, it’s about people.”


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