Prince Philip's Land Rover hearse carries coffin at Windsor funeral

Prince Philip’s custom-made hearse, Land Rover Defender, designed by the Duke and modified over 16 years, was used today to carry his coffin during his funeral.

As members of the royal family watched, the coffin bearing the Duke’s flag, covered with his naval hat and flowers, was carefully loaded onto the Land Rover before being taken to nearby service in Windsor.

The Defender TD5 130 chassis was manufactured in 2003, the year he was 82 years old, at the Land Rover plant in Solihull.

With its sturdy wheels and angular structure, the polished, sturdy commercial vehicle stands as a showcase for the Duke’s practical nature and his passion for functional design and technology.

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The Land Rover was driven into the square of the castle and stopped in front of the Equerries entrance to Windsor Castle.

Royal members of the Cortege after the Land Rover, including Prince Charles, Prince Anne, Prince Andrew, Prince Edward, and Princes William and Harry

The Chief of Staff of the Defense Staff, Sir Nicholas Carter, who is Chief of the British Forces along with the Chiefs of the Army, the RAF and the Royal Navy, walked away from the entrance of the Equerries and took positions at the state entrance, facing the Land Rover.

Pallet bearers who walk to either side of the Land Rover during the funeral procession have taken their positions next to the vehicle.

The soldiers come from regiments, corps, air stations and units with a special relationship with the Duke.

Among them was the Master General of the Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME), Lieutenant General Paul Jaques.

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In honor of the Duke, the former Colonel of REME, he said earlier this week: “He had an enormous passion for everything to do with technology. In his own words, “If it wasn’t invented by God, it was invented by an engineer”.

The troops stood with their heads bowed as the Land Rover on which the coffin was placed was herded into the square while military bands played music chosen by the Duke.


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